Global fleet service with predictable costs.

For leasing companies, it is important to be able to plan costs in advance. Vehicle maintenance and repairs are carried out at a fair hourly rate, as opposed to the much higher rates charged by branded service companies, which allows companies to be cost-efficient. Our service has a well-established technological infrastructure and a proven team of mechanics, enabling us to serve a wide range of fleets of leasing companies. Our partners only need to drop off and pick up their vehicles.


Accidental damage

In the event of a road accident, we will report the damage and carry out all the necessary official documentation, taking the burden off the leasing company.


Car towing

In the event of a breakdown, accident or other anomaly, we will come to the location and place your vehicle in safe conditions, service it and then deliver it to you in a restored condition.


CRR (Collect, Repair, Return) Services

Convenience service where we deliver your vehicle(s) to our workshop for periodic servicing or requested repairs. After the work is completed, we will return it to your company. Our partners do not have any extra work to do with the cars.


Emergency service

There may be a circumstance, such as an unexpected long journey, where you may need to have your vehicle serviced before you go. In such a case, even a 2-3 day lead time can be a long time, so emergency servicing can be arranged, where we take the matter in hand in advance and get the service done as soon as possible.

Become our partner!

Individual offers are available to our contracted partners, whether package or fleet discounts, which can be explored in a personal meeting.