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Complete car repair, fast service with accurate, quality work!
Our priority service: automatic transmission repair!

Our services:

  • Brand-independent car service
  • Engine repair
  • Oil change
  • Examinations

Our car servicing services

We serve you regardless of the car brand:

  • car service, repair
  • diagnostics, error code reading
  • engine repair and overhaul
  • chassis and brake repair
  • exam preparation
  • examinations
  • minor electrical work

Mercedes specialist

Our company undertakes repairs, servicing, periodic and preventive maintenance of Mercedes passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. Our favourite brand name obliges us to ensure that, just like our top quality products, the service behind them is the best on the market. Our ultimate goal is customer satisfaction. To this end, we are constantly improving our services and training our staff.

Automatic gearbox repair

I have also been servicing and repairing automatic transmissions for several decades. During this time, our practical and professional experience and theoretical knowledge, as well as the state-of-the-art equipment and tooling of our workshop, guarantee our customers fast and professional work.

We welcome our customers to our workshop by prior appointment. We then carry out a preliminary fault diagnosis by means of diagnostic instrumentation and test drives. After disassembly, the gearbox is dismantled. We identify the faults and then provide our customers with an accurate quotation. If our quotation is suitable, we will carry out the repair as soon as possible. Naturally, we also guarantee the work carried out in accordance with the regulations.

Technical exam

Full technical inspection service and on-site technical inspection. Fast, accurate and affordable, with no hidden costs. Full inspection and preparation before the technical examination. Genuine vehicle inspection, vehicle transfer management, compulsory third party insurance, servicing, brakes, chassis repair.

A well trained technical team with 20 years of experience in vehicle repair and servicing. Our service centre is characterised by excellent accessibility and a cultured customer service. You can keep your vehicle in and out of our secure car park or even during repairs lasting more than a day.

What you need to know!
We can only inspect your vehicle with factory equipment during the roadworthiness test. Therefore, it is advisable to bring your vehicle without any aftermarket parts (air deflectors, foil, etc.). Of course, we can dismantle it if you wish, but this will slightly extend the time of the roadworthiness test. And we know that from time to time there is always a shortage.

Ozone cleaning

We start charging the air conditioning system by checking that the air conditioning system components are working. We check the pressure in the system. The factory set amount in grams is required for the normal operation of the air conditioning system.

After checking the pressure, drain the remaining refrigerant from the air conditioning system (if any).
A pressure test is then carried out. If the pressure drops during the pressure test, the system is leaking, it is not worth refilling because the “air conditioning gas” will escape. If the car’s air conditioning system maintains pressure, the air conditioner is drained.
When the vacuum test is complete, refill the air conditioning oil that the system drained during the drain. Then top up with UV additive.

The air conditioning system is then topped up with the amount specified by the factory in grams. Next, check the pressures and the temperature of the injected air.

Air conditioning charging, cleaning

The operating principle of an air conditioning system is that gas circulates in the network. It is not possible to create a completely closed system, there will always be gas losses. Therefore, the air conditioner should be checked annually and the car’s air conditioner should be recharged if necessary. The pollen filter should also be changed annually and annual disinfection is recommended for mites, fungi and bacteria.

Up to 15 to 20 percent of refrigerant can escape from your car air conditioner each year. If the air conditioner is not able to cool the air, there is probably little or no gas in the system. In this case, the amount of air conditioning gas should be reset to factory settings. Charging and refilling is done with R134a gas, the most commonly used refrigerant in the automotive industry. A contaminated pollen filter will also reduce the efficiency of the air conditioner and it is recommended to replace it annually during the periodic service.

During the air conditioning season, we will fill and clean your air conditioner at short notice, so that you can feel comfortable while driving as soon as possible. If you don’t want to wait, we recommend you call us to make an appointment.


Antal Service

Independent car service and Mercedes specialist

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