Comprehensive technical examination services and on-site technical inspection. Fast, accurate, and affordable, with no hidden costs. Full inspection and preparation before the technical examination. Authenticity check, vehicle transfer handling, mandatory liability insurance, service works, brake and suspension repairs.

A well-prepared technical team awaits you, with 20 years of experience in vehicle repair and servicing. Our examination base is characterized by excellent accessibility and civilized customer expectations. You can keep your vehicle indoors or outdoors in a guarded parking lot, even for repairs lasting longer than a day.

What you absolutely need to know! During the technical examination, we can only inspect your vehicle with factory equipment. Therefore, it would be advisable to bring your vehicle without aftermarket parts (spoilers, foils, etc.). Of course, if you wish, we can dismantle them, but this somewhat prolongs the time of the technical examination. And we know that there is always the least time available.

We also ask you to have your vehicle processed as quickly as possible.

  • for hybrid vehicles, plug-in inspection protocol is essential for gas-powered vehicles,
  • a gas safety certificate not older than 30 days is required
  • in a clean condition (chassis and engine number)
  • fully equipped (after removing removable seats, installing removable tow bars, etc.),
  • with removed hubcaps,
  • making the seat belts examinable,
  • with all necessary equipment (TRAFFIC accessories) at our disposal. If necessary, you can find the list of permits on our website, by clicking on the links in the left menu, you can take a technical examination or download it

Don’t forget! We are here for you! You get the right service at the right price, to your complete satisfaction! In addition to assessing whether our clients meet the technical requirements specified in the regulations, we provide information on the general condition of their vehicles.