Antal Service

Independent car service and Mercedes specialist

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[mpc_sh_highlight background=”#488fdb” color=”#ffffff”]Bejelentkezés:[/mpc_sh_highlight] +36 20 266 6039

[mpc_sh_highlight background=”#488fdb” color=”#ffffff”]Nyitva tartás:[/mpc_sh_highlight] H-P: 8-16-ig.

Complete car repair, fast service with accurate, quality work!
Our special service: automatic transmission repair!

Our services:

  • Brand independent car service
  • Engine repair
  • Oil change
  • Testing

Car assessment and quick service

Before selling or buying a car, it is always recommended to assess the condition of the car to avoid any problems or technical faults.

Buying a second-hand car is a matter of trust, and the history of a car that is several years old can hide a lot of things that lay buyers cannot check.

The condition survey will include the following:

  • visual inspection, manual inspection
    • we examine what external damage has been done to the car.
      Condition check of windscreens, mirrors, bodywork, door gaps and tyres, as well as detection of water and oil leaks.
  • brake diagnostics
    • We will measure the efficiency of the front (A) and rear (B) axle mounted braking system on a computer-controlled diagnostic bench and inform you of the result! This test does not give any information about the thickness of the brake shoes – brake pads, it is checked by visual inspection and other measurements.
  • chassis inspection
    • We use a pneumatic chassis tester to move the articulated rotating parts (ball joints, spacers, bearings) on the chassis of your vehicle.
      We lift your vehicle and check the condition of the tyres and bearings.
  • shock absorption test
    • a visual inspection is carried out, after which the condition of the damping devices is measured on a computer-controlled diagnostic bench. The results are evaluated and the correct or incorrect operation is reported.
  • central unit
    • read out the recorded signals from the fault loggers in the vehicles, so that we can deduce the status of individual units in the car.
  •  engine diagnostics
    • an instrumented test to check the current condition of the engine without disassembly.
  • testing airbags and belt tensioners
  • ABS (anti-lock braking system) test
  • testing of electrical equipment

Our car servicing services

We serve you regardless of the car brand:

  • car service, repair
  • diagnostics, fault code reading
  • engine repair and overhaul
  • chassis and brake repair
  • test preparation
  • testing
  • minor electrical work

Mercedes specialist

Our company undertakes repairs, servicing, periodic and preventive maintenance of Mercedes passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. Our favourite brand name obliges us to ensure that, just like our top quality products, the service behind them is the best on the market. Our ultimate goal is customer satisfaction. To this end, we are constantly improving our services and training our staff.

Automatic gearbox repair

I have also been servicing and repairing automatic transmissions for several decades. During this time, our practical and professional experience and theoretical knowledge, as well as the state-of-the-art equipment and tooling of our workshop, guarantee our customers fast and professional work.

We welcome our customers to our workshop by prior appointment. We then carry out a preliminary fault diagnosis by means of diagnostic instrumentation and test drives. After disassembly, the gearbox is dismantled. We identify the faults and then provide our customers with an accurate quotation. If our quotation is suitable, we will carry out the repair as soon as possible. Naturally, we also guarantee the work carried out in accordance with the regulations.


Antal Service

Márkafüggetlen autószerviz és Mercedes specialista

Cím: 1165 (XVI. kerület, Mátyásföld) Budapest, Arany János utca 53.

Bejelentkezés: +36 20 266 6039

Nyitva tartás: H-P: 8-16-ig