Mercedes Repair and Maintenance in Budapest District I (Tabán vicinity)

We undertake mandatory and periodic servicing for your car. Our work is carried out strictly according to factory instructions, using only parts and fluids with the required certifications and specifications. Our workshop is equipped with the necessary calibrated tools, brake tester, and shock absorber tester. We perform periodic and interim services, as well as repairs, with short deadlines and unique parts and service warranties. Whether it’s engine, transmission, brake, or suspension repair, our Mercedes expert colleagues with our professional diagnostic equipment are ready to assist you with any problem.

Mercedes Repair in Budapest District I (Tabán vicinity)

Our company undertakes repairs, servicing, and periodic and preventive maintenance of Mercedes passenger and light commercial vehicles. Our favorite brand obliges us to ensure that, just like the products representing top quality, the services behind them are also among the best available on the market. Our main goal is customer satisfaction. To this end, we continuously improve our services and train our staff.

Mercedes Maintenance in Budapest District I (Tabán vicinity)

After scheduling an appointment, we welcome our customers to our service center. Following this, we conduct preliminary fault detection with instrument diagnostics and test driving. After disassembly, we dismantle the gearbox. We identify faults, then provide our customers with accurate price quotes. If our quote is satisfactory, we proceed with the repair as soon as possible. Naturally, we also provide warranty for the work performed in accordance with regulations.


Antal Service

Independent car service and Mercedes specialist

Address: 1165 (District XVI, Mátyásföld) Budapest, Arany János utca 53.

Appointment: +36 20 266 6039

Opening hours: Mon-Fri: 8am-4pm

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